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Murrieta Valley Pop Warner Football & Cheer

2024 Financial Aid Program

Murrieta Valley is proud to serve the Murrieta community for over the last 30 years by offering a quality football and

cheerleading program. Part of this service is our financial aid program which helps deserving families in our

community so that every child has the opportunity to participate regardless of his/her family income. The amount

of financial aid offered is limited but it is our goal to help as many families that we can. All applications will be

reviewed by the Executive Board on an as need basis. First time applicants will be given priority to previous

recipients to afford as many families an opportunity to experience MVPW Football & Cheer as possible.

All financial aid applications and all supporting documentation are DUE BY MAY 1ST

, No exceptions.

Please review the following requirements for the 2024 MVPW Financial Aid Application:

• The financial aid applicant must meet the minimum MVPW football/cheer participation requirements.

• All Financial Aid applications will be reviewed and voted on by Murrieta Valley Pop Warner Executive Board.

• MVPW requires a mandatory payment of $100.00 per player with a $20.00 discount for each additional player per


• The remaining registration balance is to be paid by MVPW in exchange for 20 volunteer hours per player or 30

hours per household (2 or more players). All hours must be completed by November 15, 2024. Failure to complete

any volunteer hours will result in financial aid ineligibility for two years.

• Any incomplete financial aid application will be declined. Any application missing the required supporting

documentation will be declined as well.

• All information provided in the financial aid application is confidential and will not be released to others.

• Once a financial aid recipient is registered for MVPW, participation in the full program session is required. Withdrawal

from the program for any reason will result in financial aid ineligibility for one year.

• Financial Aid applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of the availability of funds by May 18th


• Payments for any fees not covered by financial aid will be due by July 1, 2024.

• Murrieta Valley Pop Warner reserves the right to limit the number of financial aid recipients based upon funds

available and to decline funding for those applicants who do not meet the financial aid program requirements.

• Financial aid will be granted for the 2024 Football/Cheer season only.

• Financial Aid applications and supporting documentation should accompany registration forms and may be submitted

at walk-in registration (see date on MVPW website).

• Late payment of program fees or failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the financial aid contract by the

recipient will result in MVPW discontinuing financial aid and the participant(s) will be removed from the MVPW












































2024 Financial Aid Program Application

Thank you for your interest in our MVPW Financial Aid program.  
Questions may be addressed to our league treasurer via email  MVPWHAWKTREASURER
All necessary financial aid forms are below.  
Please review all information prior to submitting your application. 
 Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


MVPW Financial Aid Application

To apply for financial aid for your child (ren), complete this application in full, sign and return to the MVPW Treasurer.

The application must include:

• The names of all children living at home.

• The names of all adult members in the home, the amount of income each contributes per month, and the

income source.

• Candidates will be required to complete a financial aid contract and submit a copy of their previous year’s

tax return. AFDC, Cal Works, SDI and SSI recipients must include a copy of their disbursement voucher.

• Mandatory payment of $100.00 per player with a $20.00 discount for each additional player per household.

Income must be documented for each household member before taxes or other deductions. To figure monthly

income, multiply weekly amount by 4.33, or bi-monthly amount by 2.15.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The information you provide will not be reviewed by anyone outside of the Murrieta Valley Pop

Warner Executive Board of Directors. The information will be used solely to determine whether your child is eligible

for financial aid.

List ALL children in the household:
1. _________________________________  2.  _________________________________
3.  _________________________________ 4.  _________________________________
5.  _________________________________ 6.  _________________________________

List ALL Adult household members and their monthly income:

Name                    Gross Earnings                  Pension                    AFDC/SSI                    Other Income

    I certify that all of the above information to be true and correct and that all income is reported. I understand the

information given is to be reviewed by the MVPW Executive Board and is to be held in the strictest of confidence

and that they may verify the information given. I also agree that any misrepresentation on my part will be reason

enough for this application to be dismissed.

All financial aid applications are subject for review and approval. There is no guarantee that financial aid will be

granted by submitting a Financial Aid application. After carefully reviewing this application, you will be notified of

our decision to approve or deny your request by May 19,2024.

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ________

Printed Name: Email: _____________________________________________ 

Home Phone: Cell Phone: _____________________________________________ 
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 


MVPW Financial Aid Contract

Player Name:  _____________________________________________ 

Player’s Priority Number:  _____________________________________________  Division:  _____________________________________________ FB / CH (circle one)

Parent / Guardian Name:  _____________________________________________ 

Address:  _________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Phone:  _____________________________________________  Email:  _____________________________________________ 

Upon approval of request for financial aid, based on documentation of financial need provided, MVPW requires a

mandatory payment of $100.00 per player (with a $20.00 discount for each additional player per household.), with

the remaining balance of the registration to be paid for by MVPW in exchange for 20 volunteer hours per player or

30 hours per household (2 or more players), plus any additional league fees (e.g. volunteer deposit, fundraiser, etc.).

The volunteer hours will be assigned through various League activities such as, but not limited to registrations,

equipment issue days, paperwork turn-in night, fundraisers, snack bar, etc. All volunteer hours must to be completed

by, November 15th, or the player will not be allowed to continue participating in our program until the remaining hours

are fulfilled or the balance of the registration fees are paid.

Please explain your need for Financial Aid:







Failure to fulfill all financial aid requirements will result in denial of future financial aid requests.

There are absolutely NO refunds of partial or fully paid registration fees.

Mandatory Payment of $100.00 paid per player: 

Today’s Date:   _____________________________________________ Amount: $100.00

Paid By:   _____________________________________________ Cash:   _____________________________________________ Debit:   _____________________________________________ C/C:   _____________________________________________ 

Received By:   _____________________________________________

I understand the terms stated in this contract and agree to abide by them.

Parent / Guardian Signature:   __________________________________________________________ 

Date:  _____________________________________________ 


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